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At Berry Lane Dental Surgery in Longridge, Preston we aspire to have healthy teeth so we need healthy foundations.

Gum disease involves swelling, soreness or infection/inflammation of the tissues supporting the teeth. There are two main forms of gum disease: gingivitis and the more severe periodontitis.

Gingivitis means inflammation of the gums. This is when the gums around the teeth become red and inflamed. Often the swollen gums bleed when they are brushed during cleaning. Alarmingly, bacteria remaining in the mouth can now gain acces into the bloodstream, causing and affecting an increasing number of systemic disease processes.

If gingivitis is left untreated ,it can turn into periodontitis. As the disease gets worse the bone anchoring the teeth in the jaw is lost, making the teeth loose. If this is not treated, the teeth may eventually fall out.

Our Dental Hygienist and Therapist is Debra Hathaway.


Our experienced hygienist focuses on helping you achieve optimum oral health.

  • 90-95% of the adult population have some form of periodontal disease in their lifetime
  • Healthy gums do not bleed
  • With a thorough assessment we can diagnose and help you treat and mange your gum disease at its earliest stages
  • If your mouth is diseased it can affect your entire body; new research is emerging frequently showing proven links to cardiac problems and type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthitis, early onset Alzheimers, and atheroma.
  • We can ensure you are on the appropriate maintenance programme, so you have the correct tools to help you achieve optimumal oral health
  • It has been shown that people live longer, more productive lives if they have their natural teeth
  • A programme of hygiene will be recommended to help you achieve optimal oral health with the minimum of fuss

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