Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

It’s important that you are able to recognise the warning signs of any impacted wisdom teeth. Impaction occurs when the wisdom teeth cannot break through into the mouth due to a blockage by other teeth, or a lack of room created by the jaw.

Impacted wisdom teeth can often damage the surrounding teeth. If untreated it can also become infected. The quicker you are able to identify that there may be a problem, the quicker and easier the process will be in order for your dentist to treat the occurrence. Here are a few of the warning signs that may appear if your have impacted wisdom teeth:

  • Swollen or red gums surrounding the area
  • Jaw pain or swelling of the jaw
  • Unpleasant breathe
  • Tender or bleeding gums

How can an impacted wisdom tooth get repaired?

If a tooth is impacted or infected, then your dentist may feel that the best option is to remove the tooth. This is the most common solution for the best result when dealing with an impacted or infected tooth. Depending on the position of your wisdom teeth, you dentist will highlight the duration that the extraction will take place for and what your should expect throughout the procedure.

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