Do I need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are used to strengthen and improve the shape, size, colour and function of teeth.

Dental crowns are used fairly frequently, as they are normally the quickest and most effective way to repair a tooth. Most of the time dentists opt to use dental crowns because it is the best option to extend the life of your tooth for years to come.

Are there any other treatments I could get instead of a dental crown?

However, sometimes there may be other options you can choose for delaying a dental crown.  At Berry Lane Dental Surgery we can offer you the best dental solution for you. By thoroughly evaluating your oral health and building a joint partnership to maintain your dental health. We ensure that we take time to recommend and explain to you our treatment plan.

Signs that you may need a dental crown.

If you feel like you are experiencing some pain when you bite down, it may be that you have a cracked tooth. If this is the case, then it is most likely, that you may have to have a dental crown fitted. As teeth cannot heal once they have cracked (unlike a bone), they have to be repaired or and sometimes extracted. Cracks that stem all the way down to the gum line may need a full-coverage crown  below the gum line and you may require a root canal.
However, it is important to mention that you need to get your dentist to confirm that your tooth is cracked and not just “crazed”. These craze line are very common in adults and are most often found on your back teeth. A craze is just a stress line that occurs in your teeth, much like how you get wrinkles in your skin as you get older and are normally nothing to worry about. Having a craze means that you do not necessarily have to have a crown.

If you feel like you may have some of these symptoms, try not to panic, our team at Berry Lane Dental Surgery are always happy to help. Simply call in and book an appointment and we will be happy check your dental health.


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